ISSUE 58  |  On the Mountain

The World’s Best Snow Brush

February 04, 2013 12:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Growing up in Chicago, I learned to loathe those plastic-bristle brush and scraper things that we kept in the car to clean snow off the windshield. OK, maybe that was transference: what I really disliked was the freezing wind that whipped pellets of icy snow against my face. How much faster (and more tastefully) the job would have gone with a heavy-handled, well-made snow brush:

Above: For three generations, the Redecker family has been making brushes in Germany using natural materials. Made from waxed beech and coconut fibers (which do not absorb water), the Snow Brush has a long handle to enable you to reach across a car roof. It’s £10 from Objects of use. Photographs via Kaufmann Mercantile.

Above: The brush measures 28 centimeters and, with the handle, has a total length of 65 centimeters.

Above: A leather loop makes it convenient to hang the brush on a hook in the garage during warm months.

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