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The Well-Dressed Gardener

October 11, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Kendra Wilson

Have you ever gardened in a smock? If not, why not? It’s roomy and ventilated, while providing protection against wind and showers.

Think of the supporting cast in Far from the Madding Crowd: There is a reason shepherds wore smocks for millennia. Zipped-up fleeces may be easier to find, but they firmly belong in the category “must try harder.” Tina Guillory’s Carrier Company, run from her home on the north Norfolk coast in East Anglia, offers smocks, aprons, carriers, and other gardening accessories made from natural fibers such as drill cotton, canvas, tweed, and jute:


Above: A Traditional Norfolk Slop smock of windproof sailcloth, originally designed to protect fishermen from sea spray, rain, and wind, is £72.


Above: Ms. Guillory makes garments and carriers to last forever, but if the handles wear out from one of her “huge” canvas bags, it will be replaced. A Leather Handled Sturdy Bag, available in four colors, is £72.


Above: A Long Apron is available in three colors and fits men or women; it’s £55 from Carrier Company.


Above: A Short Jute Apron has two big pockets and an adjustable neck strap; £45.

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N.B.: This is an update of a post published November 21, 2012.