The Week in Review: Starting Fresh by

Issue 1 · Office Space · January 10, 2014

The Week in Review: Starting Fresh

Issue 1 · Office Space · January 10, 2014

We might have creaked our way back into the office this week, but we've got some serious greenery up our sleeves that we can't wait to share with you in 2014. 

Here, a collection of inspiration we rounded up from around the Internet this week. Turns out we're not the only ones happy to turn a fresh calendar page.

Emma Robertson Oakland studio, Gardenista

Above: Bright light in Emmadime's studio and just the right number of office plants.

What makes an office place buzz? This infographic on Productivity Boosters will tell you (spoiler alert: plants!).

a fragrant bouquet | gardenista

Above: Step by step, Sophia builds a delicately Fragrant Bouquet.

Ten Teas to Stop Your Sniffles, our own Nettle Tea among them.

  cecilia fox flower shop | gardenista

Above: Melanie Stapleton of Cecilia Fox has us wanting to up and leave for Australia. Photograph by Eve Wilson from the Design Files.

Looking for a place to corral your growing plant collection? We've got our eyes on this Marble Tray DIY

the home of maria cornejo and mark borthwick | gardenistj

Above: We can't imagine a better place to spend the afternoon than the plant-filled home of Maria Cornejo and Mark Borthwick. Photograph by Mark C. O'Flaherty.

Science says so: Plants Do Compete and Take Time Off

ferm living plant stands | gardenista

Everyone's going gaga over Ferm Living's new Plant Stands. We understand entirely.

The Flower Stills from Chelsea's Floral Arranging Classes have us wanting spring already. Photograph by Lisa Waringer.

false cypress, desktop zen garden, gardenista

Need a desktop distraction? Plant your own Zen Garden.

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