ISSUE 5  |  Garden Design 101

Garden Style: The Ultimate Rubber Work Boots

February 02, 2016 9:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

At Remodelista, there is a heated debate over the best rubber garden boots.

Julie and Francesca favor French Rubber Garden Boots, while Alexa covets the Japanese Rubber Jika-Tabi Gardening Boots. After being a devotee of Australian Blundstone garden boots for years (my trusty pair finally sprung a leak), I have decided that the Hunter Original Lace-Up Boot could be the best boot for the garden.


Above: Available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


Above: A pair of women’s Original Lace-Up Rubber Boots (available in three colors, including black) is $175 from Zappos.


Above: Uncannily similar in style, the Men’s Original Lace-Up Boot is available (in four colors, including black); $185 from Hunter. With a matte rubber finish, the ankle boots are entirely waterproof. Size guide for women: when shopping for men’s boots, purchase a pair two sizes smaller than your typical shoe size.

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