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The Tjirp Doorstop by Cas Moor

May 29, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

With the irresistible bird-shaped Tjirp Doorstop by Belgian Designer Cas Moor, it’s form, function, and fun rolled into one. Owners beware: If your house is full of small children, it’s highly likely that your Tjirp Doorstop(s) will be seconded for other purposes.


Above: First spotted on Dezeen, the Tjirp’s simple shape can stand alone as an object for your home. For information and pricing, see Cas Moor.


Above: Many imagination filled games can be played with a set of Tjirps. 


Above: The Tjirp Doorstop comes in white, black or natural.


Above: The Tjirp Doorstop is handmade from oak.


Above: The Tjirp’s tail is wedge-shaped and slides under a door to keep it open. 


Above: A simple curve can turn a piece of wood into a bird.


Above: A Tjirp hard at work.

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