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The Story So Far: Holiday Gift Guide Roundup

November 23, 2012 8:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

We started shopping early this year (OK, every year); here are a few of our favorite holiday gift ideas so far:

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Above: Besides being as attractive as an indoor pendant lamp, the Glass & Rope Bird Feeder allows bird watchers to observe eating patterns while the birds are inside; $88 from Terrain.

For more, see “Gifts for the Aspiring Ornithologist.

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Above: From Score & Solder, a 5-inch-square Small Cube Planter, handmade of glass and lead-free solder, balances gracefully on one point. It cradles its content–quartz crystal, rocks, sand, and activated charcoal are included–as reverently as if it were displaying Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat diamond ring. It’s $110 from Totokaelo.

For more, see “Gifts for the Houseplant Horticulturalist.”

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Above: it gets cold outdoors, watching the night sky in winter. A Handmade Pewter Flask, made in the traditional steel-producing city of Sheffield, England, can hold something warming; $68 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

For more, see “Gifts for the Stargazer.”

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Above: Beeswax Candles that really smell wonderfully of honey, lit or unlit. Hand dipped in Cumbria. Kendra sells them at her website Ancient Industries, £7 per pair.

For more, see “Gifts for the Beekeeper.”

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Above: Field Notes National Crop Edition Box Set features six memo books celebrating American farmers and the six leading crops they grow. Inside is light-tan lined graph paper perfect for garden planning. The set is packed in a custom box along with a map and an embroidered logo patch; $23 at Fire Escape Farms.

For more, see “Gifts for the Armchair Farmer.”

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Above: Made by Portland-based architect Brendon Farrell along with Javid Howell, the Trees Series #1 Stamp features select tree species current to the Cascadia region of the Northwest. Made in limited quantities, they stamp sets are made from Douglas Fir, Oregon White Oak, and Apple; the Northwest Rubber Stamp Set is $78 from Canoe in Portland, OR.

For more, see “Gifts for the Arborist.”

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