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The Perfect Potting Shed Bin

September 10, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

Leave it to the Swiss to develop a waste bin that’s as functional as it is nice to look at. If I had a potting shed to speak of, I’d be tempted to outfit it with the whole catalog of lidded receptacles from Patent Ochsner’s line of hard-working bins. The cans are so stately that it seems a shame to relegate them to refuse duty, only. The designers understand the impulse to have the cans multitask; they’ve designed a beech wood seat and cushion that turns a trash can into a throne. Cleanup is tiring work, after all. I’d fill my cans with potting soil, compost, and fertilizer.

Above: The Classic bin is made from rust-free stainless steel; 258 SFR .

No need to wrestle the lid while scooping potting soil, because the beechwood and steel handle can be lifted to function as a prop for the lid. 

Above: Classic Cushion options come in √©cru, brown, charcoal, and red, 98 SFR. A beechwood seat adapter (54 SFR) and cushions (44 SFR) can also be purchased separately.

Above: The Compact with Sweep Set boasts FSC-certified beechwood and horsehair. It’s available for 278 SFR.

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