ISSUE 79  |  Summer Picnics

The Perfect Picnic Table

July 02, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

In a perfect world, furniture would fold up so you could store it away, flat packed, when you don’t need it. Like those extra chairs you have sitting awkwardly against the wall, waiting around on the off chance that company is going to show up. Or the big Thanksgiving-worthy dining room table that for the other 364 days a year becomes a place to throw mail, homework, backpacks, and your keys.

A picnic table also falls into that category. It’s one of those items of furniture you desperately need for about three months of the year–and then you want it to disappear. Enter the folding picnic table:




Above: A sturdy Robinia Wood Beer Garden Table seats six and is held together by galvanized steel clasps which–you guessed it–enable it to fold flat. It’s €348 from Manufactum.


Above: When folded, the table measures a mere 7.5 centimeters deep. Yet the thoughtful design is sturdy enough for revelry. Or, as the manufacturer puts it: “After drinking too much, you can sit under the table, while others dance on it, and wait until the alcohol decreases, before the next relocation takes place.”

We’ll take two.


A matching Robinia Wood Beer Garden Bench is €196.