ISSUE 83  |  Entertaining: Summer Edition

Chelsea Miller Knives

July 29, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

A good knife is hard to come by. Ideally a knife is functional foremost, but I hope you can forgive me when I say that I also want my knives to be pretty. We can’t have ugly knives marring our perfectly styled cheeseboards, now can we?

Above: Chelsea Miller, the maker of these beauties, sources the wood from her family’s property in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom and forges the high carbon steel blades from discarded files and tools.

Above: As the daughter of a blacksmith, Chelsea learned to make knives in her father’s shop. You can read the full story on Madesmith.

Above: In a collection made exclusively for Madesmith, Chelsea offers a Small Multipurpose Knife, $135; a Medium Multipurpose Knife, $145; and a Cheese Tool Knife, $125. I’d gladly take all three. 

To watch a short film on Chelsea, head to her website. 

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