ISSUE 63  |  Do-It-Yourself

The Next Generation Vertical Garden: Woolly Pockets All Grown Up

March 14, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Call it the not-so-woolly pocket. And call me compulsively neat; I prefer the new hard-sided, self-watering instant vertical garden kit to the floppy original from Woolly Pocket. And with a self-contained water reservoir, the company’s new living wall planter won’t drip on the floor. The vertical garden kit is equally at home indoors or out—and just in time for spring:

Above: Made of recycled plastic, a Living Wall Planter vertical garden kit, available in seven colors including white, is $26.00 apiece from Woolly Pocket.

For another of our favorite DIY vertical garden kits, see Just Add Water and a Wall.

Above: The two-piece planters come with a base—hardware included—to mount on the wall and an attachable tank to fill with plants. The vertical garden’s tank has a vented shell that allows evaporation of excess water to prevent roots from rotting.

Above: The vertical garden kits can be purchased in multiples of four; a Living Wall 4-Pack is $99.99.