ISSUE 36  |  Get to Work

The Babooly Canvas Carry All by Sally Scott

September 06, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Always leaving your tools behind in another part of the garden? Canadian artist Sally Scott works another kind of magic on canvas with her “tooly” Babooly—an ingenious carryall tote for tools.

Sally Scott proves that necessity is the mother of invention. When her brother wanted a guest bedroom in his loft, she made him one out of canvas (See “An Instant Guest Bedroom“). Her mother, a fanatic gardener, found she was always leaving a rake behind or had to do three trips to transport her random tools (twine, shovels, sticks, stakes, handkerchief) from one patch of garden to the next. So naturally Sally invented the Babooly for her—once again out of canvas.

Photography by Charlie Scott.

Above: Scott’s mother, Sue, also runs a small gardening business and finds the Babooly useful for hauling her tools around and throwing everything in the back of her car.

Above: The Babooly is just the right proportion for all long gardening tools.

Above: The Babooly can be personalized and will be for sale in October. For more information, contact Trufflepig.

Above: Ms. Scott has also made a smaller Babooly for general tools.

Above: The Babooly seems to make it easier to carry any tool—even a chainsaw.

(N.B.: Looking for tools to put in that Babooly you are going to order? See Gardening Tools.)