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Shopper’s Diary: That Flower Shop in Shoreditch

September 24, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

London’s “it” florist Hattie Fox recently moved her Shoreditch studio, That Flower Shop, from a nearby former blacksmith’s digs to a street-front shop at the new Ace Hotel. We can see why:

Above: Photograph by Mark Leary via Flickr.

To see more of the interiors’ signature Pacific Northwest grunge-industrial vibe, see our recent post Design News: Ace Hotel Opens in Shoreditch.

Above: Florist Hattie Fox, known as “That Flower Girl” in London, has an eclectic client list. Fox has designed headpieces for a Wall Street Journal fashion spread (no, that’s not an oxymoron), has planted the VIP area at Wimbledon, and does the regular maintenance work necessary keep container gardens alive on clients’ Shoreditch rooftops. Photograph via Stamp.

Above: Photograph via Flowerona.

Fox got her start working for her dad’s landscape design business; now she arranges flowers for weddings, delivery, and passersby.

Above: Photograph via Stamp.

Above: Photograph via That Flower Shop.

Grown on a rooftop in Shoreditch.

Above: Photograph via That Flower Shop.

In case you needed directions:

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