ISSUE 37  |  Stealth Glamour

Terra Cotta Edging for the Garden

September 12, 2012 3:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Spotted in various English gardens and coveted by at least one US gardener (me): terra cotta edging to border paths and flower beds:

Above: The scrolled rope design dates to the Victorians; Full Scroll Rope Top Edging is sold by the piece for £4.20 from Corfe Stone.

Above: Terracotta Flower Bed Edging is €15 for a 45-centimeter-long (approximately 17.5 inches) segment from Manufactum. Each segment weighs approximately 9.5 pounds.

Above: A Terracotta Flower Bed Edging Post is €6.5 from Manufactum.

Above: In shorter lengths, terra cotta Garden Edging Tiles can define a curve in the path, as well as a corner; for more information, visit Relbia Clay Products.

Above: Relbia Clay Products, based in Tasmania, Australia, manufactures several styles of terra cotta edging tiles.

Above: Also headquartered in Australia is Bennetts Magill Potteries, which manufactures a handful of styles of terra cotta edging. For more information about Regal Garden Edging, visit Bennetts Magill.

Above: Also from Bennetts Magill, Sovereign Garden Edging.