ISSUE 91  |  Roadtrip

A Stylish $40 Suitcase (Pick a Color)

September 23, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

Picture this: You on the side of the highway just outside Cannes, trunk of your deux chevaux propped open, a smart suitcase inside that you’ve just unclipped in order to retrieve your trusty silk scarf. It gets so windy with the top rolled down, and you wouldn’t want to arrive to the lavender fields of Grasse with your hair mussed.

Even if my French fantasy is not in the cards for the moment, I like the idea of having a designated suitcase for weekend road trips. Made from sturdy painted cardboard with metal-reinforced corners and edges, these suitcases look more expensive than they are.


Above: Cardboard Suitcases come in five colors and are £26 apiece at Manufactum.

Above: For myself, I can’t decide between the apple green or navy suitcases.

Above: For Gardenistas who prefer more understated luggage, black and brown options are also in stock. Which one would you choose?

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