Steal This Look: The Last Outdoor Dinner of the Season by

Issue 46 · The Family Farm · November 18, 2014

Steal This Look: The Last Outdoor Dinner of the Season

Issue 46 · The Family Farm · November 18, 2014

Is it just me, or do most outdoor dining and glamping scenes seem a little out of reach? Maybe too good to be true? That's how I feel when I'm actually camping, when all my nice cookware is smoked out by that rustic, roaring fire and I'm feeding myself small tarts through the zipper in my dad's old polo fleece because my face is freezing. But I recently came across this set of photographs from Le Marché St. George, a cafe and vacation rental in Vancouver, of an outdoor dinner that looks quite accessible, simple DIYs and all.

A Farewell Summer Dinner at Le Marché St. George in Vancouver | Gardenista

Above: The Marché St. George group headed up to the Okanogan Valley along with neighbors and as they describe, "a few spontaneous friends."

A Farewell Summer Dinner at Le Marché St. George in Vancouver | Gardenista

Above: An unbeatable view from the top of the valley.

Wood and Metal Grain Chair from CB2 | Gardenista

Above: We like the way the Marché St. George staff used an indoor chair outdoors, and while the ideal option is one that is already weathered, CB2's Grain Chair is made from bent plywood and chrome metal tube legs for $89.95. Alternatively, Ikea's Tärnö Folding Chair is just $15 and part of our roundup on Outdoor Bistro Table and Chair Sets.

Concrete Cinder Blocks from Home Depot | Gardenista

Above: Stacked cinder blocks function as the feet of an instant dining bench. The 16x8x6 Concrete Block is available through Home Depot stores.

Neutral Colored Wool Blanket from Kaufmann Mercantile | Gardenista

Above: The Faribault Virgin Wool Lodge Blanket is a timeless outdoor throw that can be used to cover your DIY bench. Made with New Zealand lambswool, the blanket comes in a natural color with a wheat colored stripe; $129 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Biegarten Folding Wood Table and Bench | Gardenista

Above: While you don't need the whole set, the Biergarten Wood Table With Benches is $589 from Biergarten Furniture.

Linen Tablecloth from Fog Linen Work | Gardenista

Above: The simple, 100 percent Linen Tablecloth by Fog Linen Work is $85 from Horne. Alternatively, one could source a few yards of linen fabric to use for outdoor dining.

Table Metal Pegs from Manufactum in Germany | Gardenista

Above: Keep tablecloths from flying away outdoors with a set of 4 Metal Pegs made out of stainless steel for 7,40 from Manufactum in Germany.

Colored Enamel Mug in Blue from West Elm Market | Gardenista

Above: Colored Enamel Mugs from West Elm Market are available in four different colors for $4 each.

Commune for Heath Cereal Bowl from Art-Object | Gardenista

Above: The Rim Cereal Bowl is from a collaboration between Los Angeles-based Commune Design with Heath Ceramics. The bowl is sealed in a clear glaze to show off the natural color of the clay; $46 from Totokaelo Art-Object.

Heath Studio mug Gardenista

Above: A Studio Mug in chocolate and aqua is $30 from Heath Ceramics.

Toast Old Pink Storm Lantern | Gardenista

Above: A Gardenista favorite, Toast's Storm Lantern is available in new colors like old pink (shown), pale gold ,and classic white; £23.20 each. For more outdoor lighting see our previous post, 10 Easy Pieces: Outdoor Hurricane Lanterns.

Montana Canvas Outdoor Tent | Gardenista

Above: At night, pack it all up in a giant canvas tent like a Wall Tent from Montana Canvas made from 100 percent cotton canvas with an aluminum frame; prices start at about $1,000. See the full range at Cabela's Outfitter Wall Tents. Another source is Kni-Co Manufacturing, which offers free-standing cotton duck Big Horn tents with aluminum frames. And there is the smaller, 6-by-6-foot Shower/Latrine Tent from Beckle Canvas Products for $625.

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