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Steal This Look: Floral Arrangement in Cocktail Glasses

April 27, 2016 2:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

We recently spotted an arrangement from this year’s Salone del Mobile by Milan-based shop owner and designer Rossana Orlandi, and I immediately sought to replicate it.

Orlandi arranged six different jars and glasses on a glass serving tray and filled each with different flowers. The result is an appealing color clash with an artful Italian feel. It’s a look that feels very off-the-cuff and easily replicable with props from around the house and out in the garden.

Photography by Aya Brackett for Gardenista, unless otherwise noted.

The Inspiration


Above: Orlandi’s composition showcases each individual flower and is the perfect centerpiece for an impromptu party. Photograph by Catherine Dash for Lonny Magazine.


Above: I started with a Heath Ceramics Coupe Serving Platter in Onyx ($90) and set a circular marble trivet just off center on the tray, to create different heights. Similar to the trivet is a White Marble Coaster ($19.95 for a set of four) from Williams-Sonoma. Next I added water to five different glasses and placed them around the tray.


Above: I used two of my favorite tools: Pallarí¨s Solsona’s Professional Kitchen Shears ($125) and their Navaja Folding Knife ($76); I use them both constantly in and out of the kitchen. I prefer a knife for cutting soft stems, but you can use just about any garden tools or kitchen scissors that you have on hand.

I cut a few wild roses from the garden: two in a deep orange tone (with red rose buds) and two white roses edged in pink. I also used a trio of poppies from the local San Francisco flower market and a group of just-bloomed green hellebores.


Above: I topped the composition off with a bearded iris in white and peach.


Above: The key to the arrangement was not to over-think it: keep it simple, group flowers together, and move them around until you find something pleasing.


Above: Drinks are served.

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