ISSUE 59  |  L'Amour

State of the Union: 10 Highlights from the Week

February 16, 2013 2:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

As far as we’re concerned, last week had it all: Valentine’s Day, the president on TV pledging support for children, Michelle Obama in red. Here are ten things we obsessed about while pondering the meaning of love:

Brooklyn saw rampant deliveries from hit-and-run flower elves this week.

Current temperature in Pueblo Garzon: 82 degrees. Uruguayan hideaway, anybody?

Why doesn’t anyone wear hats anymore?

Welcome, Year of the Snake (and thanks for the fireworks).

Engrossed in Taschen’s new Tree Houses, Fairy Tale Castles in the Air, featuring 50 examples (including one of a distinctive red variety).

Traipsing around NYC this weekend; we’ll be taking the subway to Paradise (you can too, through February 24). Hello D train, my old friend.

Stop us before we wallpaper again.

Forget sweater weather. The state of the union is sleeveless. Flash back to 2010: the year of three-quarter length sleeves. Jason Wu versus Isaac Mizrahi: which dress would you rather wear?

What is the most lifelike giant topiary shape you can imagine? Think again.

Better living through curtains.

Vowing to dedicate ourselves to the study of heirloom roses; it only costs $650.