ISSUE 57  |  Haberdashery

Squirrel Feeders for the Backyard

January 30, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

My dog Larry—or rather, Officer Larry—spends a good portion of his busy day standing on the back of the sofa and peering officiously out the window, on the lookout for varmints. Squirrels in particular drive him crazy, prompting the little guy to rush like five pounds of pure fury into the backyard to protect the perimeter. Rodents! Bushy tails don’t fool him.

It would shock Officer Larry to learn that some people condone squirrel incursions and will go so far as to feed rodents, but there you have it:

Above: A weather resistant Squirrel Feeder made in a choice of three woods—cedar, Douglas pine or larch, depending on availability—has an acrylic glass window. Fill it with whole nuts; the squirrels can lift the lid to grab a handful (can you imagine the frenzy this would provoke in Larry?); it’s 23,50 from Manufactum.

Above: For US gardeners, a Cedar Squirrel Feeder with a Plexiglass window is $24.99; made to order from Dan’s General Store via Etsy.

For a make-your-own birdfeeder project, see “DIY: A Grapefruit Birdfeeder for Feathered Friends.”