ISSUE 95  |  Southern Gothic

Smudgesticks from Botanicals Folklorica

November 01, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

My favorite witchy women burn smudge sticks. I include my own mother in this category. But while I appreciate the sweet smell of the sage stick of my youth, I’ve got my eyes on a smudgestick that’s decidedly more festive. 

Botanicals Folklorica smudge bundles are larger than your average smudgestick and more colorful, too. Made from garden foraged and wildcrafted botanicals found in and around Austin, Texas.

Above: A collection of Botanicals Folklorica smudge bundles.

Above: Botanicals Folklorica’s Tamara Valdez, wildcrafting in Texas. Photo from the Botanicals Folklorica Tumblr.

Above: Smudge Bundles are available at Las Cruxes for $18 and directly through Botanicals Folklorica.

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