ISSUE 36  |  Living with Plants

Small Space Gardening: A Tiny Greenhouse on Wheels

September 11, 2015 9:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

When she was in school, Danish designer Line Grüner’s thesis project was to design a mobile greenhouse so a city gardener could grow food in even the tiniest urban garden. We assume she got an A.

Grüner, who originally planned to become a woodworking teacher, realized she was onto something big the day she was pushing her Urban Greenhouse home from school along a street in Aarhus, Denmark. Passersby came up to her and cars slowed so drivers could roll down windows and call out to her. Everyone had the same question: Where can I buy one of those rolling greenhouses?

Photography via Urban Greenhouse.


Above: Inside, raised planting beds, storage, and seating for two. The Urban Greenhouse is about 5.5 feet long by 4.5 feet wide and measures about 6.5 feet high.

urban-greenhouse-detail-gardenistaAbove: Manufactured in Denmark in collaboration with a Danish window manufacturer, the Urban Greenhouse sells for 19,000 DKK (approximately $2,867 US).


Above: The Urban Greenhouse is built of wood and UV-coated polycarbonate, and is built by a Dutch window maker. “Many told me it could not be done, to manufacture something like this locally,” says Grüner. “But it should be part of the overall narrative, to grow vegetables locally in a product that is produced in our own country.”

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