ISSUE 79  |  Summer Picnics

Shopper’s Diary: Picnic Supplies from This is Paper

July 03, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

For the past couple of years, the online magazine This Is Paper has been one of our favorite daily reads, so when founders Alexander Zakharov and Zuzanna Gasior launched their own shop we took note.

“After running a magazine for almost two years, we felt the need to expand and step from the digital into the analog world,” they say. “Why be satisfied with showing beautiful things when you can make them, too?” After trying their hand at creating bags and rucksacks, the team added a few items for the kitchen and home for the launch of their new shop. The founders are anti mass production; their belief is that “simplicity is king,” and the shop’s mandate is to “go back to basics, own just a few items that are made and handled with care.”  See below for a selection of their offerings; for more information, visit This Is Paper Shop.


Above: A tabletop with Enameled Dinner Plate; €17.50, and a This Is Paper Cutting Board; €4.50.


Above: An Enameled Pure Mug hangs from a wall hook; €6.50.


Above: Beechwood kitchen tools (L to R): Salt Scoop; €2, Cake Brush; €2, Masher; €4, Pestle; €3, Butter Knife; €2, Manual Juice Squeezer; €3.


Above: Walnut-shaped cookies made with the pan shown below.


Above: Walnut Pan with wooden handles; €29.50.


Above: An assortment of Weck jars for storage: Weck Jar 1062ml; €5, Weck Jar Bowl 850ml; €5, Weck Jar Bowl 580ml; €5, Weck Jar 290ml; €4.50, Weck Jar Bowl 80ml; €4, Weck Jar Flat 290ml; €5.


Above: Top Roll Natural Rucksack; €119.50.

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