ISSUE 89  |  Back in Business

Shopper’s Diary: Daughters by Floral Magic

September 09, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

“My work is actually really messy, disguised by the overall look of controlled chaos,” says florist Josephine Lau, co-owner of Daughters by Floral Magic in Singapore. She forgot to mention that it’s also totally charming.

Spotted via Lilreddotfolks, Lau and partner Lucy Siah recently moved their  family-run business (with their sisters in law) to a light-filled shop in central Singapore, a major upgrade from their previous space “in a basement of a dingy mall with sweaty gaming shops and seedy karaoke bars.” For the whole story, see Lilreddotfolks.

Photographs courtesy of Lilreddotfolks.

Above: Lucy Siah (L) and Josephine Lau of Daughters by Floral Magic.

Above: Chalkboard paint on the central workstation makes it easy to update the labels on drawers.

Above: Recycled bottles and jars are transformed into vases.

Above: Siah’s favorite flowers? “Scented, so if I ever lose my sight I can smell still these.”

Above: Floral arrangements are “casual, organic, and not overly decorative.”

Above: A simple DIY idea: houseplants and vines hang against a metal grid panel to create a vertical garden.

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