ISSUE 49  |  Holidays on Ice

Shopper’s Diary: Christmas in Stockholm at Zetas Tradgard

December 10, 2015 10:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Consider it Ground Zero for Scandinavian Christmas decor. Every year Zetas Tradgard owners Richard and Victoria Skoglund transform the Stockholm garden shop into “a green, glittering room” for the holiday season.

It takes a crew an entire week to set up displays of hand-tied wreaths, hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs, and twinkly lights:

Above: Photograph via Lovely Life.

To kick off the holiday season, in November the Skoglunds invited guests to a pre-Advent breakfast in the garden.

Above: Photograph via Lovely Life.

Potted topiaries in glazed planters have a holiday air.

Above: Photograph via Lovely Life.

Buy the bough by the bough.

Above: Photograph via Mariaemb.

Stacks of wreaths and hellebores await holiday shoppers.

Above: Photograph via Zetas.

Christmas comes to a corner of the shop.

Above: Christmas tree Candle Holders made of copper are 98 KR apiece.

Above: Photograph via Mariaemb.

A chandelier of evergreens is suspended from the ceiling.

Above: A round metal Bird Feeder that holds apples is 120 SEK.

Above: Potted helleborus, hyacinths, and moss balls.

Above: Photograph via Mariaemb.

Rows of forced hyacinth bulbs are getting ready to bloom.

Above: Photograph via Lovely Life

Christmas cactus, so to speak.

Above: Photograph via Mariaemb.

The decor spills from the shop to the walkway outdoors.

We recently visited Stockholm’s Most Beautiful Garden Center in summertime.