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Sheds and Pegs: Storing Outdoor Furniture in Winter

November 18, 2014 7:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

How do you store your outdoor furniture in the winter? 

Designers John and Wonhee Jeong Arndt of Studio Gorm in Eugene, Oregon suggest hanging it up on a wall. Perhaps next to the tools in your shed. Here’s their clever Peg Garden:

Photography via Studio Gorm.

Above: Studio Gorm used red cedar slats to build a simple, two-piece outdoor lounge chair, which can be easily disassembled to hang flat next to tools in a shed.

Above: “We have  worked off of the theme of the shaker peg rail on a few projects, and we liked the idea that you could hang up your garden furniture when not in use or during the off season, and that it would look equally as nice stored as in use,” says John.

Above: In their designs, “we focus on furniture which is a little more flexible and can be stored easily–which does work well for small spaces,” says John.

Above: The lounge chair, a Studio Gorm prototype developed in 2011, has an adjustable backrest.

Above: At the moment Studio Gorm’s lounge chair is not in production. “There are some tricky details with the integrated wooden springs that lock it into position open and closed,” says John. 

But the concept could be easily replicated. If you have a folding table or chairs, you can hang the pieces from a shaker peg rail mounted on a garage or shed wall.

Above: Red cedar is an ideal wood for outdoor use because it’s rot-resistant and, over time, weathers to a silver gray color that blends well with natural surroundings.

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