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Black Hanging Planters In Time For Halloween

October 30, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

While sitting behind the potter’s wheel, Samantha Carter turns white clay into black planters. Perhaps it’s a dual-purposed planter: the black color works well for Halloween, and its unglazed properties keep plants cool in the summer.

The Sgraffito Hanging Planter is one of many planters at offer by Asheville-based Samantha Carter, who sells handmade clay plants in her Etsy shop Half Light Honey Studios. The planters are made from white clay, painted in a black underglaze, and left unglazed to keep a natural clay finish

“Because the planter has been left unglazed on both the inside and outside, water is left free to evaporate slowly from the clay and will keep your plants cool in the summertime,” says Carter. She finds inspiration in different patterns and the intimacy of the hand-drawn line.  To learn more, visit Half Light Honey Studios

Above: Carter uses a technique called Sgraffito, in which a surface is incised to reveal a contrasting color. Photograph by Moorea Seal.

Above: The Palm Leaf Hanging Planter is $30 from Moorea Seal. The planter measures 6 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter. Photograph by Moorea Seal.


Above: The Geometric Design Black and White Carved Hanging Planter (R) is available from Half Light Honey Studios; $30. The Faux Bois Design Planter (L) is $36. 


Above: The Line Pattern Design Black and White Carved Hanging Succulent Planter; $30.


Above: The Arc Garland Design Black and White Carved Hanging Planter; $32.

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