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Seed Source: The Homestead Squash Seeds

January 24, 2013 12:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

Planning to add members of the cucurbit family—that would be pumpkins, squash, or gourds, by the way— to the vegetable garden this year? Look no further. We’ve found a company whose sole mission is to provide the highest quality seeds to the everyday vegetable gardener.

Photographs by Janet Hall for Gardenista.

Above: Located in Amish country in Illinois, the 200 Acres Farm (which includes The Great Pumpkin Patch, The Homestead Bakery, and The Homestead Seeds), is operated by the Condill family, who specialize in growing cucurbits (pumpkins, squash, and gourds). The Condills are passionate in their mission to share the amazing diversity of this plant family, and to ensure not only the purity, but also the continuity of both common and rare varieties. Garnering and selling seeds is part of that effort.

Above: The Homestead Seeds offers more than 200 varieties of heirloom, rare, and common pumpkin, squash, and gourd seeds, including the Casper pumpkin seeds shown above. Seeds should be sown outdoors after the last frost date. Plant one half to 1 inch deep in well drained soil.

Above: The Homestead Seeds are packaged in small bottles with cork lids. Each bottle contains a minimum of 15 seeds and is priced at $5. Image via The Martha Blog.

(NB: For ideas on particular pumpkin varieties, see our earlier post “10 Easy Pieces: Best Pumpkins to Plant for Next Year’s Halloween”.)