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Roundup: Our Favorite Garden Gates

September 11, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

Hardly a garden feature comes to mind more charming than the garden gate. A personal favorite is the too-low-to-be-useful white picket fence with a gate that opens to a blowsy summer garden. But maybe even better is the oversized, heavy wooden gate that prevents passersby from peeking before it’s opened, with a heavy push, to reveal the gardens within.

In all styles–cottage gates, painted gates, minimalist gates–we love garden gates. Find your favorite in our Garden Gates Gallery.

palo alto pancho 3

Above: Made from recycled metal, a gate keeps the local predators away from an Edible Garden in Barcelona. Photograph by Pancho Tolchinsky.

Painted British Garden Gate, Gardenista

Above: This painted metal gate in England leads to a castle garden imbued with Brit Style. Photograph by Kendra Wilson.

Menorca Spanish Wood Gate, Gardenista

Above: Befitting island living, this Mediterranean gate isn’t really meant to keep visitors out. Photograph by Kendra Wilson.

[picket fence natural haegglund gardenista

Above: The all-American picket fence in true Summer Cottage style. Photograph by Ellen Jenkins.

Modern Concrete and Wood Garden Gate, Gardenista

Above: An expressly modern gate leads to an all-Modern Garden.  Photograph by Marion Brenner courtesy of Blasen Landscape.

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