Required Reading: Drinking the Summer Garden

August 06, 2012 3:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

With chapters titles like Wicked Libations and Healthy(-ish) Thirst Quenchers, Gayla Trail’s new pocketbook Drinking the Summer Garden has just rocketed to the top of my summer reading list.

Author, designer and photographer Gayla Trail, the woman behind the You Grow Girl blog, is convinced that the summer garden is the most abundant and exciting. “I try to drink it all in, both literally and figuratively before the season ends,” she says. Trail has transformed this passion into Drinking the Summer Garden, a finely edited collection of drink recipes with a few nibbles thrown in for good measure. The recipes include both family friendly thirst quenchers (watermelon agua fresca, anyone?) and unusual twists on grownup libations using ingredients from summer gardens and farmers’ markets.

Photography by Gayla Trail.

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Above: Drinking the Summer Garden is available in digital and paperback formats; $9.95 and $19.95 respectively.

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Above: Trail’s take on adult summer garden beverages includes enticements such as Raspberry Rose Sangria, a Watermelon Mojito, and Three Lemonades (the hard way).

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Above: The “Syrups, Infusions, and Flourishes” section includes a recipe for raspberry liqueur.

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Above: Syrup recipes include Lemony Basil, Blackberry Beebalm, and Lavender Honey.

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Above: Springs of mint garnish a refreshing limonota.