Recipe Roundup: The Perfect Picnic Menu by

Issue 30 · The Summer Kitchen · July 28, 2014

Recipe Roundup: The Perfect Picnic Menu

Issue 30 · The Summer Kitchen · July 28, 2014

I can't remember the last time I had dinner indoors. March? January? It seems like a distant memory. I hope summer lasts forever. Meanwhile, the only challenge is to not run out of ideas for delicious (and easy to assemble) dishes to pack in the picnic basket. Here's one of my favorite summer menus, with recipes from our Garden-to-Table Recipe files:

Watermelon Gazpacho ; Gardenista

Above: Cookbook writer Aran Goyoaga grew up in Basque country, and her approach to cooking is "taking what is available and fresh, and preparing it as simply as possible. No big fuss." For more, see Basque Cooking Demystified . . . or try her recipe for a no-cook cold soup, Blender Magic: Instant Watermelon Gazpacho.

Avocado beach picnic sandwich recipe ; Gardenista

Above: You can make Olivia Rae James's Avocado Lemon Sprout Sandwich in less time than it takes to slather on sunscreen. While you're at it? Make two (trust us on this).

  Mint ice tea caffeine free ; Gardenista

Above: Take along a pitcher (or thermos) of Kendra's minty Caffeine-Free Herbal Iced Tea.

Recipe Quinoa Nut Bars ; Gardenista

Above: For dessert? Pack a batch of Quinoa Fruit and Nut Bars. He Needs Food blogger John Bek makes a batch every week, just to have them around. It only takes one taste to understand his motives.

For more easy dinner ideas, see our archive of Garden-to-Table Recipes.

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