ISSUE 37  |  Japanese Modern

Raw Glass Vases by Nishiyama Yoshihiro

September 17, 2015 3:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

With air bubbles, rough edges, and a deliberate asymmetry, Japanese glassmaker Nishiyama Yoshihiro’s vases are a reminder that sometimes the imperfect is most perfect.

The raw glass vases have a fluidity that “makes you feel like you are floating on the surface of a lake” and are available from Poool gallery.

Above: The glassmaker’s Small Corner Bottles come in different shapes and sizes; 2,500¥ apiece (approximately $20.13 USD) at Poool.

Above: A small Ellipse Kozuke bowl is 3,200¥ (approximately $25.75 US) at Poool.

Above: A Flower Vase is about 6 inches tall and is 4,500¥ (approximately $36.23 USD) at Poool.

Above: The bud vase has a a fluted base.

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