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Bring a Plant to Work—and Sit on It

January 09, 2014 7:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Earlier today we admired the way Dutch artist Nienke Sybrandy urges us to grow a garden in the office (why not sow lettuce in your desk?). We forgot to mention…we’re also charmed by Sybrandy’s solution for workers whose offices don’t have windows or natural light. Bring a plant to work anyway–and sit on it.

Above: Plant Pillows feature typical office plants, digitally printed on cotton, at prices ranging from €60 to â‚¬225. For ordering information, see Studio NSybrandy.

Above: “Plants have become fashion accessories, similar to candles and pillow covers,” says Sybrandy. “These plant pillows represent the ‘new bonding.’ They are durable so you can hold them securely.”

For more of Sybrandy’s work, see Salad Days: Grow Your Own at Work.