ISSUE 23  |  Summer Color

Outdoors: Lap Pool Roundup

June 08, 2012 4:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

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The onset of summer has us thinking about pools, ponds, any watery respite; here’s a roundup of serene lap pools.

Above: Set in the grasslands of Lagunitas, CA, this 75-foot lap pool was designed by Australian-born, Northern California-based Bernard Trainor. Photo courtesy of Bernard Trainor and Associates.

Above: A pool in the Hamptons by Alex Scott Porter.

Above: A pool on Long Island by Bridgehampton, NY-based Stelle Architects.

Above: Designed by Eliot Lee of Steven Harris Architects, in conjunction with Blasen Landscape Architecture, a serene pool in Napa; photo by Marion Brenner, courtesy of Blasen Landscape Architecture.

Above: A modernist pool. Photo by Don Lewis.

Above: A pool on Long Island Sound by Madderlake Designs.

Above: Completed in 2010 by Daniel Marshall Architects, this lap pool in New Zealand blends into the contour of the ridge on which it sits.

Above: Set on the Napa River, a pool in a project by SF-based architect Craig Steely. Photo courtesy of Craig Steely Architecture.

Above: A pool by Long Island-based Bates Masi + Architects.

Above: A pool in California by Bernard Trainor & Associates.

Above: The simple modernist pool is defined by a slab concrete wall; Hix Island.

(N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on July 28, 2011.)