ISSUE 17  |  Kitchen & Bath Storage

Galvanized Metal Containers

April 25, 2008 11:53 AM

BY Janet Hall

There is something about the raw simplicity of galvanized metal containers—perfect for cooling drinks and holding flowers.

Above: Round 16-inch-diameter, Galvanized Steel Tub, $99.99 at Vintage Tub.

Above: Below: Oval Galvanized Tub with sturdy drop handles from Ace Hardware; as shown, $28.54.

Above: Galvanized tin Achla Flower Pail, $24 at Vintage Tub.

Above: Galvanized tin Achla Flower Carafe, $22.99 at Wayfair.

Above: Galvanized French Flower Buckets; from $15 to $28, depending on size, at Great Rooms.

Above: There is something appealing about the trusty galvanized metal garbage can, which is actually quite hard to find. The Ace Hardware Outlet carries them; $34.99 for the 10-gallon Dover Refuse Can.