ISSUE 18  |  Exotic Patterns

Outdoors: Enamel Numbers and Plaques from Ramsign in Denmark

May 03, 2011 6:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Founded in 1991, Danish company Ramsign has revived the production of classic porcelain enameled signs, including custom name plates, door signs, address signs, house number signs, based on original designs and techniques. Prices start at €39 and signs are available in five different styles and colors; go to Ramsign to see the range (good news; the company offers free shipping worldwide).

Above: The Engelhardt House Number Sign (€49) was created in 1927 by Danish architect Knud V. Engelhardt, Denmark’s first industrial designer.

Above L: Engelhardt House Number; €49. Above R: Lighthouse House Number; €49.

Above: Metropolitan House Number; €49.