ISSUE 14  |  Townhouse Gardens

Outdoors: Café-Style String Lights

April 05, 2010 3:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Create a European café ambience in a backyard, patio, or deck with strings of globe lights. Here’s a roundup of options.

N.B.: For more outdoor string lights, see “Solar Landscape Lighting from Ikea.”

Above: Pottery Barn Café String Lights; $39.

Above: European Café Commercial-Quality String Lighting; 35-feet-long with seven weatherproof sockets; $89.95 at Amazon.

Above: The Small Party Globe String Lights (21-foot-long string with 20 lights) is $35 and the Large Party Globe String Lights (11-foot-long string with 10 lights) is $39 at Restoration Hardware.

Above: Commercial-grade heavy-duty Outdoor String Lights; 54 feet long with 24 medium-base sockets; available in white, black, or green; prices start at $89 at Sival Lighting.

Above: Pottery Barn Fisherman Outdoor String Lights; $29.

Above: Vintage Light String; 50 feet long with 25 lights; $179 at Restoration Hardware.

For more ideas and inspiration, see “Outdoors: Holiday String Light Roundup.”