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Outbuilding of the Week: Sauna Box by Castor Design Studio

May 02, 2014 10:00 AM

BY Erin Boyle

In 2005, Toronto-based design studio Castor created a wood-burning sauna made to fit inside a shipping container. Before you get the wrong idea, this sauna in a shipping container doesn’t mean bare-bones.

The Sauna Box has an impressive price tag: $41,000. For that, you get a sauna that is completely self-sufficient and equipped with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The sauna also comes with a standard iPod stereo and electric guitar hook-up (just in case you like your spa experience to have a plugged-in vibe). Additional creature comforts such as a magnetic truck light, castor stool, and bronze antlers are included.

See this week’s post Indoor/Outdoor:Furniture and Accessories from Castor Design Studio for more from Castor, including details about to get your hands on some of the individual items (just in case a shipping container sauna doesn’t fit into your outbuilding budget for the year).

Above: The compact cube-shaped sauna measures just 8 feet wide by 8 feet long, and double doors open wide to expand the sauna’s footprint to the adjacent outdoor space.

Above: The wood-burning fire, accessible through an exterior door.

Above: Electric guitar not included, but there’s a plug-in for you to hook up your own.

Above: Western red cedar and bright red steel interior details.

Above: The Castor Stool is included in the sauna package.

Above: The Sauna Box is available for sale at Matter in NYC for $41,000 and measures 8 feet wide by 8 feet long by 8 feet high. 

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