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Outbuilding of the Week: Garden Workshop by Rodic Davidson Architecture

June 13, 2014 10:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

After coming into possession of his grandfather’s workbench and tools, London-based architect Ben Davidson of Rodic Davidson Architects designed a perfectly proportioned shed for them in his garden.

We spotted the workshop via Dezeen, where Davidson described how he designed and built the shed four years after moving to his home in Cambridge.

Photography courtesy of Ben Davidson and Rodic Davidson Architects.


Above: The shed’s exterior is clad in plywood siding, stained black. The windows are Velfac panels that Davidson was given for free by a contractor who had ordered the wrong size.


Above: Davidson inherited his grandfather’s workbench and tools after his father died in 2012. As he told Dezeen: “My grandfather was a carpenter by trade, and extraordinarily talented; he should have been a cabinet maker. I recall many summers in my early teens, being packed off for two weeks to stay with my grandparents in Norfolk. I’d spend the entire time with my grandfather in his workshop.”


Above: Davidson’s grandfather’s workbench has stood the test of time. The shed floor is concrete; the walls are lined with lacquered pegboard. 


Above: The pegboard wall panels allow Davidson to display (rather than merely store) his grandfather’s tools. In addition to windows, the shed has two skylights. 


Above: A new maple workbench runs the length of one wall.


Above: A Meddings pillar drill sits on a lowered platform.


Above: More tools are displayed on a birch plywood shelving unit.


Above: The workshop is one of two sheds Davidson built in his garden; a second is a home office.

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N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published Feb. 3, 2014.