ISSUE 39  |  Belgian Masters

Outbuilding of the Week: A $25 Trailer Transformed, for a Family of Four

October 03, 2014 10:00 AM

BY Cheryl Locke

Under the watchful eye of architect Karel Verstraeten of FELT, a family of four transformed an abandoned construction-site trailer, acquired for 15€ (about $25 US), to a tiny cottage in their garden. The trailer has an ingenious design. Thanks to wooden runners constructed to hold planks at various heights on the interior walls, the trailer can be configured as an office, bedroom, or hangout. 

Photography courtesy of FELT.

Above: Light pours in from a round (1 meter in diameter) window, making the trailer the perfect writer’s retreat.


Above: The floor-to-ceiling plywood paneling produces a cocooning effect and the rounded corners share the same design language as the fisheye window.

Above: Wooden runners lining the walls serve as built-in brackets to create a bench, desk, or even platform bed.

Above: The exterior is covered in vertical oak panels, blending harmoniously with the surrounding farm.


Above: Thinking about building your own postage-stamp-sized garden getaway? Get inspired by this Garage-Turned-Cottage on a Budget and a 240-Square-Foot Garden Shed.