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Ode to Southern California: New Botanical Fabrics from Lake August

April 08, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

LA-based designer Alexis Hartman of Lake August calls her newest collection of botanical print fabrics “an ode to Southern California”–and to her mother and grandmother’s gardens in particular.

“Much of it is inspired by my childhood,” says Hartman, who designs every pattern herself, starting from a drawing, painting, or hand carved block. “My mother and grandmother are both lifelong gardeners and their gardens have always been special places for me. There were trailing nasturtiums”‹ (and in the 80’s, the requisite marigolds and pansies), and succulents, though less back then than there are now.” 

Handprinted in the US on Belgian linen, the fabrics are made to order (allow from five to seven weeks for delivery).

Above: On Agave Americana, nasturtiums and succulents keep company. The fabric is available in two color ways, including Del Mar (shown), and is $188 a yard. “The Agave americana plant that I combined with nasturtium is something I see all over my neighborhood now,” says Hartman.

Above: Pillows are double sided with a zipper enclosure and range in price from $150 to $350 depending on size.

Above: On Brink of Summer, clusters of aeonium flowers bloom. I’d love to make pillow cases with it. The print is available in two color ways, including Nightflower (shown) for $154 a yard.

Above: Inspired by Hartman’s grandmother’s collection of ceramic and stone rabbits, Bun is $138 per yard (and would look very much at home hopping across window shades in a nursery). 

Above: Half Moon is available in three color ways including Dunes (shown) for $138 per yard.

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