ISSUE 43  |  Lessons from Japan

Lit Up: Readers’ Spooky Halloween Curb Appeal

October 30, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Gardenista Team

Move over, Martha. Gardenista readers know how to decorate for Halloween. 

We asked–you answered. Thanks for sending us photos of your Halloween Pumpkins. After sifting through scores of pictures (and making a few notes to use when carving our own), we’re happy to show you our favorites. Here’s how Gardenista readers celebrate Halloween:

Above: DIY, anyone? Reader Alan Chao “imprinted 48 paper lunch bags with a simple skull illustration carved into printing block material.” Inside each bag, he placed a flickering electric tea candle. Says Alan, “The final effect was really great, seeing all of the ‘paper lanterns’ flickering in the dark.” 

Above: Spot the feline. One Gardenista reader’s Halloween tradition is to carve a “kitty pumpkin” each year. 

Above: And then there was one…a single pumpkin on a back porch. Cue the spooky music.

Above: There’s a pecking order. Garden designer Melissa Gestle created Halloween curb appeal for a client, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Above: A closeup of a cluster of pumpkins. 

Above: NYC-based floral designer Valerie Strait sent this photo of her client’s Upper West Side stoop. 

Above: Pumpkins for sale at a reader’s farm market. 

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