ISSUE 9  |  Grand Gardens

Let Twilight Linger: 10 Early Evening Gardens from the Gardenista Gallery

March 09, 2014 10:00 AM

BY Meredith Swinehart

In many parts of the world today, we set our clocks forward an hour–bringing us closer to summer while robbing us of valuable sleep. But we do it for the twilight: starting today, our evenings will linger longer–and an hour lost is a summer gained. 

Here, 10 twilit gardens from members of the Remodelista + Gardenista Architect/Designer Directory.

Above: In this romantic Long Island landscape, NYC-based artist and landscape designer Paula Hayes directed a stone walkway toward the sea. Photograph by Béatrice de Géa.

Above: Mature fir trees lie between the beachfront and a meadow on the site of a San Juan Islands summer house by Seattle-based Heliotrope Architects.

Above: On this four-acre Martha’s Vineyard property, Boston-area landscape architects Stephen Stimson Associates weaved existing mature trees and erratic terrain into their design. Photograph by Roger Foley.

Above: New York City-based landscape architect Robin Key designed this Chelsea co-op rooftop garden, complementing panoramic city views with decorative uplighting. Photograph by Francine Fleischer.

Above: This modern Napa house by architect Charlie Barnett is framed by two mature oak trees while walls of glass direct occupants’ eyes toward the view. Photograph by Charlie Barnett.

Above: After their beloved 100-year-old Bethesda, MD house was destroyed in a hurricane, a couple hired McInturff Architects to replace it with a modern version that prominently features the outdoors.

Above: Built-landscape features of this East Hampton project by Billinkoff Architecture–including a pool, an ivy-covered pool house, and tennis courts–adjoin the main house.

Above: Several species of grasses and a few palm trees suggest a California landscape; this one is by LA-based Walker Workshop. Photograph by Nicholas Alan Cope.

Above: Nashville architect Marcus DiPietro intended for this Tennessee lakeside house to appear to emerge from the lawn at water’s edge.

Above: The low-lying grasses outside this modern design in Austin by Alterstudio Architecture only hint at the indoor courtyard and backyard views beyond. Photograph by Paul Finkel.

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