ISSUE 72  |  The Gold Coast

Jamb’s Glam Ornaments for a Grand Garden

May 17, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Specializing in reproduction garden ornaments that bespeak a certain splendor, London-based antiques dealer Will Fisher sells his collection of statuary urns through his company Jamb. Every garden should have a pond, Fisher believes, and punctuate the views with a pair of stone lions or perhaps sphinxes, if you have them lying about. He makes a persuasive case for it:

For more information, go to Jamb.

Above: Describing a Medici Urn as “large” seems an understatement in this case, as it is 116.5 inches tall and 43 7/8 inches wide. Scaled for a grand garden, it has “a carved relief depicting the legend of Iphigenia.” Inspired by the classicism of Roman ruins, Giovanni Battista Piranesi published a drawing of this vase in 1762. It is £25,000.

Says Fisher, “I have always loved overscaled objects. Architectural monumental bookcases at the back of rooms looming over the surroundings like a Roman skyline. Vastly deep sofas give a sense of luxury whilst monumental sculpture adds an unsurpassed grandness.”

Above: A Pair of Sphinxes (recumbent) “are in the manner of the Regency Egyptian revival” and are £5,800.

Above: A stone Blashfield Urn on a raised and fluted pedestal is a reproduction based on an urn from the 1850s by J.M. Blashfield; it’s £3,600.

Above: The half-round Pot Stand of our dreams: four gracious tiers and splayed legs. It’s £950.

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