ISSUE 87  |  Wild at Heart

Into the Woods: A Cabin on Flathead Lake

August 28, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

In western Montana, on the southern shore of the biggest freshwater water lake west of the Mississippi River are 200-foot-tall Ponderosa pine trees, osprey nests, and a cabin sitting atop a sheer granite cliff that locals call “the Matterhorn.” Can you imagine the views?

The Flathead Lake cabin by Texas-based architects Andersson-Wise is built on top of six steel piers anchored in concrete blocks on the cliff is the definition of a rustic retreat: no heat, no air conditioning, and water is pumped in from the lake.

Photographs via Andersson-Wise.

Above: Grasses, Ponderosa pine, and a crushed stone driveway help the cabin blend seamlessly into a quintessential American West landscape.

Above: Sited to take advantage of the lake views, the 600-square-foot cabin sits atop six steel piers.

Above: The wood slat floor on the deck (R) are an extension of the interior wood floors. 

Above: The living room has screened walls and a view of Flathead Lake. The cabin “is a protected porch, made like a piece of furniture,” says architect Arthur Andersson.

Above: Rough wood beams and paneling bring the outdoors in.

Above: The cabin has a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a shower.

Above: Osprey and eagles nest in the area.

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