ISSUE 28  |  The Smart Home

Artisan Accessories for the Outdoors: New from Totokaelo

July 09, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Sprinkled among the selection of pieces from up-and-coming designers featured on Seattle store Totokaelo’s new Art-Object online shop are several stylish suggestions for lending an indoor look to outside spaces.

N.B.: To see what’s on offer for the indoors, see A Dazzling New Housewares Shop in Seattle.

Above: Fresno-based ceramicist Stan Bitters’ Birdhouse in bronze (also available in terra cotta and an oxidized copper) is $268. (See an installation by Bitters in our post on Venice Beach’s Favorite Restaurant.)

Above: The wheel-thrown birdhouse hangs from a 36-inch all-weather cord.

Above: Designed by Scott Nadeau, owner of Ten10 gallery in Los Angeles, the Pompeii Chair is made from arched black metal and white rope for $750.

Above: The chair is made in the US and measures 31 inches high by 23 inches wide.

Above: New York City-based Michelle Quan’s Set of Jingle Bells are made of stoneware and attached to rope at various lengths; $576 for the set of 3 bells. (See our post on Quan in Ceramic Bells Inspired by Japanese Shrines.)

Above: The stoneware bells are carefully painted with black stripes and each measure about 13 inches in diameter.

Above: Also by Stan Bitters, the ceramic Small Hanging Lantern in an oxidized copper is $645.

Above: The round lantern hangs from a 10 foot electrical cord and measures about 10 inches in diameter.

(N.B.: For more, see “A Dazzling New Housewares Shop in Seattle.”)