ISSUE 61  |  Bath & Spa

Instant Bamboo Fountain: Just Add Water

February 28, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

Dreaming of a fountain in your garden, but intimidated by installation complexities, space constraints, or budget considerations? We’ve found an answer: A bamboo spout fountain kit that allows you to turn your favorite vessel into an instant water feature. Talk about custom.

Above: The Bamboo Fountain Spout Kit includes a spout, spout support, and a pump. The spout is made of a split-resistant tropical species of bamboo that regenerates and matures in three years and is then treated with a non-toxic boron to help prevent mold. The spouts are available in horizontal (shown above) or vertical (shown below) orientations in a variety of sizes to accommodate the width of your vessel; from $37.50 to $69 depending on size at Potted.

Above: Set up is simple. Fill your favorite vessel with water, submerge the included pump, and rest the fountain spout across the edge of the container. Voilà – an instant water feature.

If you are inspired to install a more permanent fixture, see our earlier feature In Praise of the Water Fountain.