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In the News: Top 5 Remodelista Posts of the Week

July 13, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

With house guests on the horizon (more on that topic coming in Monday’s “Domestic Dispatches”), I was especially grateful to Remodelista this week for offering inventive suggestions about how to prepare a guest room for the onslaught:

Above: Izabella found the perfect $14.99 solution for outfitting the guest bedroom with a good reading light.

Above: You expected your college roommate and her latest boyfriend; no one mentioned the boyfriend’s son would be tagging along. Solution: Justine discovered the world’s best folding camp cot.

Above: Alexa found the perfect lightweight blanket for a heavy, muggy night.

Above: Proof that house guests can be happy if you pitch a tent for them to sleep in, if as Margot notes: “Yes, the tents are electrified and have hot and cold running water.”

Above: If it’s buggy out there in the backyard, Julie suggests adding a mosquito net. But then, she spoils her house guests.

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