Ikea Ingenuity: A Two-in-One Kitchen and Mini Herb Garden by

Issue 71 · Kitchen Gardens · May 7, 2013

Ikea Ingenuity: A Two-in-One Kitchen and Mini Herb Garden

Issue 71 · Kitchen Gardens · May 7, 2013

Spotted, via Italian designers Teste di Legno, an ingenious way to combine off-the-shelf Ikea components to make a custom compact kitchen, complete with a built-in herb garden:

  ikea compact portable kitchen

Above: The Unacucina is made from about a dozen different Ikea products, including a faucet, a table, metal planters, a watering can, a cooktop and a sink. Photograph via Teste di Legno

Want to try to make one yourself? Here are some of the crucial components:

norden extendable table from ikea

Above: Made of birch, a Norden Extendable Table comes in two sizes; an 87-inch-long table that extends to 1-5 inches is $399.

  ikea chrome plated gilltran kitchen faucet

Above: A chrome-plated Glittran Faucet is $149.

  ikea eldig four burner glass ceramic cooktop

Above: After cutting a hole in the tabletop, an Ikea cooktop was installed. For US kitchens, an Eldig Glass Ceramic Cooktop with four burners is $429. For European kitchens, a a four-burner Tyldig Cooktop is 399.

  ikea socker metal flower box

Above: A steel, powder coated Socker Flower Box is available in both black and white; $14.99.

  socker watering can metal from ikea

Above: A steel Socker Watering Can, available in assorted powder coated colors, is $9.99.

  socker metal plant pots assorted colors from ikea

Above: Socker Plant Pots, available in assorted colors, are 99 cents apiece.

For more kitchen planter ideas, see Hanging Window Box From Ikea.


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