ISSUE 46  |  Painterly Landscapes

Icy Pink Vases from Ceramist Bjarni Sigurdsson

November 19, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

A former banker who took an evening art class on a lark, Iceland-based ceramics designer Bjarni Sigurdsson experiments with unusual materials. A new collection of vases, for instance, is glazed in volcanic ashes.

After the eruption in 2010 of the English Eyjafjalla Glacier, Sigurdsson collected ashes on site. Mixing the ash into his glaze, he learned, would create a wide range of colors including deep coal grays and pale icy pinks.

We want them all:

iceland-Bjarni Sigurdsson-gardenista-2

Above: Sigurdsson’s Ash Cloud Vases are available in ten sizes and colors at prices ranging from $45 to $150 apiece at ABC Home.

iceland-Bjarni Sigurdsson-gardenista-3

Above: An Ash Cloud Pink And Green Vase measures 3.35 inches high and is $75.

iceland-Bjarni Sigurdsson-gardenista-1-4

Above: The miniature version is a 3.35-inch Ash Cloud Pink Vase; $45.

Icy Pink Vases from Ceramicist Bjarni Sigurdsson-5

Above: A 5.7-inch Hot Pink And White Ash Cloud vase is $150.

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