ISSUE 42  |  West Marin and Beyond

Rustic Planters from a British Potter in LA

October 16, 2012 3:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Yesterday we posted on the woven lamps by Tracy Wilkinson of TW Workshop; today we’re admiring her hanging ceramic vases.

Her hanging ceramic vases are punched with four holes and come with 20 inches of natural rope, while her tabletop vases are often woven with natural fiber; in each piece, the stoneware base is left unfinished and dipped halfway in a glossy glaze. For more, see TW Workshop and her Etsy shop.

Above: A mix of Wilkinson’s pottery—hanging from rope and seated on a stool. The Hanging Ceramic Pot measures about 5 inches in diameter and is $75 from Magpie & Rye.

Above: The Glazed Ceramic Vase is available at Alder & Co. in Portland for $54.

Above: Wilkinson’s hanging planters are also available in cobalt blue.

Above: The Woven Ceramic Pot is made with a fiber-woven top and accented with pink thread. The flare pot (L) measures 4.5 inches in diameter while the fit pot (R) measures 3 inches; $68 each from Magpie & Rye.