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Grandeur in the Hamptons: A Sprawling Estate Garden in Watermill

May 13, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Landscape architect Quincy Hammond’s gardens owe their graciousness to her grandfathers’ genteel Southern flowers, grown in a family nursery in Georgia. 

On a Hamptons estate in Watermill near the shore of Long Island Sound, Hammond re-interpreted the English cottage vernacular to fill a grand space, installing a rose garden, high hornbeam hedges, a reflecting pool–and a Sissinghurst-worthy white border. For more of Hammond’s work, see Quincy Hammond.

 Photographs via Quincy Hammond Landscape Architect.

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Above: The walled rose garden, inspired by existing old roses, is laid out in a precise grid pattern. Tantalizing glimpses of the garden are visible through breaks in the hedges. Hammond was the lead designer on the project while working for Edmund Hollander Design.

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Above: Hedges of hornbeam grow alongside the driveway, hiding the house and garden from view until you arrive at the entry.

Above: Beds of roses are edged with–and defined by–low-clipped hedges.

Above: The beds in the vegetable garden echo the same design as the rose garden.

Above: A white garden, with perennial beds featuring lilies and phlox, sprawls with less formality.

 Above: A swimming pool on the other side of the hornbeam hedges is lined with rows of pruned sycamore trees.

Above: Surrounded on three sides by high hedges, a spa is completely private and accessible only from the house.

Above: A plan of the garden as seen from above shows the relationship of the swimming pool (bottom L) to the house (C) and the rose garden (top L).

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